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At Kids Talk Place, our mission is to provide comprehensive therapy services in an integrated educational environment, promoting skills that allow students to succeed in everyday situations.

We offer educationally relevant therapy serving multiple school districts since 2005.

Collaboration & Student Focused Care
We value the difference we can make in improving the quality of life for your students. Our goal is to work collaboratively to help students achieve and surpass their educational goals.

We Understand Your Challenges
We also understand the challenges that make it tough to staff your schools, and we know how to find the right fit for your school therapist needs.


"I would highly recommend working for MeMe. I worked for her in the private setting for 2 years and have been currently working for her in the school system for almost a year."

"When you are confident with who you are working for its easier to provide therapy and help kids grow in their abilities."
- Megan, SLP

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