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I would highly recommend working for MeMe. I worked for her in the private setting for two years and have been currently working for her in the school system for almost a year. When choosing a contract company, I think it's important to have someone who I can bring my questions and concerns to who is familiar with the area and with whom I can build a personal working relationship. When you are confident with who you are working for, its easier to provide therapy and help kids grow in their abilities.
Megan, SLP

Kids Talk was recommended to me by several people when I moved to Northwest Florida and began looking for a school-based SLP position. I quickly realized MeMe and Kids Talk have an exceptional reputation. From our first meeting, the staff has been well-organized, supportive, and personable. They are very knowledgeable of Santa Rosa County Schools and familiar with district personnel. Being new to the area, I had many questions regarding contract work, licenses, and the school system. The staff was able to answer all my questions and have continued to provide support. MeMe has been an invaluable resource to me both professionally and personally! I am thankful to have the opportunity to work for Kids Talk and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a contract company!
Marybeth, SLP  

I have worked with many different companies in my 19 years as an SLP, and I can honestly say that MeMe Smith and Kids Talk Place has been one of the best. She has an open door policy, and she will work with you to assist in any situation. I feel she has my best interest at heart and looks out for me. I was blessed to find a great and local company to work for in the area. I highly recommend them!
Amy, SLP

I am currently in my tenth year as a contracted Speech Therapist with Kids Talk Place. I started out in my CFY with a wonderful mentor, Julie Butler, who helped me through my first year in the school system. I am so very grateful to MeMe Smith, who gave me an opportunity to work for Kids Talk Place. MeMe has an open door policy that keeps communication lines open. She keeps me informed of current rules, regulations, and issues that are happening in the world of speech pathology.
John, SLP

As a SLP contractor to the school system, I am so happy that I decided to contract through MeMe and Kids Talk Place! MeMe is only a text or phone call away and consistently addresses my concerns promptly, often within a few minutes after I’ve contacted her. MeMe is a well-respected member of the Pace community with her presence at Kids Talk Place/Pediatric Therapy Center of NWFL. If problems arise within the school district, she is able to address them as a member of the community and not simply as a “recruiter,” as most other companies do. She makes herself available to meet face-to-face when necessary and treats her contractors as members of her team, in spite of her busy schedule and other duties associated with running her clinic and seeing her own clientele. Contracting with Kids Talk Place to work in the school system has been an easy and enjoyable experience!
Amanda, SLP

Being out of the job market raising my children for a number of years, I wanted a company that provided a combination of support when I needed it and flexibility in my schedule; I found both with MeMe Smith. If you are considering working in a school system, I would strongly encourage you to talk to MeMe Smith.
Laura, SLP

Contracting into the local school district through MeMe (Kids Talk) has been a wonderful experience. She is an incredible resource, as she brings so much knowledge and professional experience to the table. Working with MeMe in different settings over the years has been a gift. I have seen firsthand how dedicated she and her organization are in providing quality services. I am constantly encouraged and motivated, and I feel a high level of support that I know would be difficult to find anywhere else.
Lucy, SLPA

I feel fortunate to be able to work for MeMe in the schools and also have her as my CF supervisor. She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. If I need anything, she answers right away, whether it’s administrative or therapy related. She also tries to make paperwork as painless as possible. I can’t imagine working for a better company.  
Kristi, CF-SLP

I've had an excellent experience working as a contract SLP in the school systems through Kids Talk Place. My supervisor, MeMe, has been a pleasure to work with. She is very personable and has always given me the support I need to be successful. This company is a wonderful team to be a part of!
Lauren, SLP


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